I’ve got too many computers

Oh boy, I should have seen this coming.

I’ll be moving shortly. Same city, just hopping from a flat to another. I am packing things around and one by one I had to touch all the computers I have accumulated during the last five years that I’ve spent in this house.

They’re just too many (even more so if you consider that I don’t keep them all up and running continuously — and don’t even get me started on keyboards…).

So far, there are (approximately):

  • Eight laptops (plus two or three more in the basement)
  • Four desktop computers (mostly small form factor or even ultra-small form factor, but still desktop computers)
  • About five raspberry pis
  • Three or four chip computers (do people even remember those?)
  • I have a Vocore2 sbc somewhere, but I honestly don’t know where (it’s so small…)
  • A single thin-client computer

I’ve had the chance to observe something, though: I remember, approximately, the period when I got every single one of those computers and it’s easy to see when I started earning a bit more and be able to get a bit more powerful computers.

Thankfully, about a year ago I managed to buy quite a performance laptop that my then employer was not using anymore, for very cheap. It has a 3rd-gen quad-core Intel Core i7 processor, I managed to load 32GB of ram and get both a solid state disk and a rotational disk.

So far, I have kept this laptop in the office quite unofficially, and I’ve used it as a test box. I’ve brought it home recently and I think that my next move in the new house will be to move all of the services currently running on my old home server onto it, and get rid of most of the other computers.

And I think I’ll be more careful next time I have the change of acquiring another computer…


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