Syncing all ZFS snapshots

Apparently that's something that everybody is rolling on their own. It's 2019 and Netapp still rightfully has market share because it's the only vendor that has snapmirror technology. Common scenario: you have to sites, and you want to have both data volume snapshots and replication between two sites. Apparently ZFS can readily do both as… Continue reading Syncing all ZFS snapshots


Dell Optiplex FX160: don’t even bother

  So I was intrigued on the reporting by someone's website about the Dell Optiplex Fx160 (see pic related, keyboard and mouse for scale) On paper, it's a very nice machine: dual-core x86 Intel Atom processor @ 1.6 GHz 2/4 GB ram 2 GB basic flash hard drive additional SATA port wide variety of ports… Continue reading Dell Optiplex FX160: don’t even bother

Passing Red Hat’s RHCSA certification (EX200): my experience

Just a week ago I passed the Red Hat Certified System Administrator exam, and here are some brief notes about my experience. Why the RHCSA certification? At first I didn't plan on taking the exam at all. But I have been using pretty much Debian/Xubuntu only for a long long time and for the last… Continue reading Passing Red Hat’s RHCSA certification (EX200): my experience

On commenting code: external vs internal documentation

In my day job, I sometimes have to write scripts in order to automate things that either happen too often to be handled manually or need to be handled in the shortest amount of time possible.But more often, I am tasked with modifying the behavior of an already existing script and/or adding new functionalities.Needless to… Continue reading On commenting code: external vs internal documentation


Today I stopped serving requests for the domain Acso-explorer was a patched version of gcc-explorer, bundled with pre-built cross-toolchains of gcc-m68k, gcc-mips and gcc-amd64. The last request has been served October 29, 2016, but the node.js process was consuming 5-6% CPU with unjustified spikes to 10-12%. I'll be setting up a pointed to the… Continue reading Decommisioning

Learn how to use GNU info

Recently I've been digging a lot into GNU/Linux system administration and as part of this, I have finally taken some time to google about that mysterious info command that has been sitting here in my GNU/Linux systems, unused for years. Well, I can tell you, it has been a life-changing experience. Texinfo-based documentation is awesome.… Continue reading Learn how to use GNU info

I wrote a toy url shortener and people started using it

So yesterday I gave an introductory presentation on how to write web applications using Python, Flask and dokku. In my talk I shown how to go from zero to a fully functional application with a small but functional deployment environment based on Dokku. The nice thing I noticed is that people started using it, and… Continue reading I wrote a toy url shortener and people started using it