Here is a list (in no particular order) of projects I’ve developed and code I’ve written.

Project you might actually find useful

  • Musho, the micro url shortener. This is an ultra-small url-shortener web application, designed to be ran in environments like Heroku or Dokku. This was used as demo in an introductory Python class.
  • Flashcards – This is a web application for creating high-quality flashcards using the Latex language and most of its capabilities. Decks can be exported to PDF for printing.
  • automatic-vps-script: At the moment I can’t recall where I saved it, but this is a script that will setup a very simple VPN connection with a remote host, allowing you to browse the internet from another ip. Particularly useful in order to watch Dr. Who episodes live. I should re-upload it somewhere.

All other projects

  • make – this is a fork of the GNU Make project, adding the #J variable to the language, holding the value of the -j parameter. In case you need to know, inside your Makefile, how many parallel jobs you are going to run.
  • acso-explorer – a patched version of gcc-explorer featuring AMD64, Motorola 68000 and MIPS gcc-based cross-compiler toolchains. Available in the Docker Hub.
  • stack-todolist – actually not a todo-list but an implementation of a stack to save links from the internet. The basic idea is to use a stack to save links when you find something interesting but don’t have time to read, and to trust your past self when you have some time to kill and want something interesting to read. This was one of the first web applications I’ve written using the Go language, as well as one of my first experiments with Bootstrap.
  • MTrainer – This was an experiment with the Flask micro-framework. It is a web application to practice some basic linear algebra.