Dell Optiplex FX160: don’t even bother


So I was intrigued on the reporting by someone’s website about the Dell Optiplex Fx160 (see pic related, keyboard and mouse for scale)

On paper, it’s a very nice machine:

  • dual-core x86 Intel Atom processor @ 1.6 GHz
  • 2/4 GB ram
  • 2 GB basic flash hard drive
  • additional SATA port
  • wide variety of ports
  • built-in power supply

So I got one. Actually I got two, but this is another story.

Well… Maybe you can get one for cheap, but once it arrives real tribolations begin.

While you can easily get latest CentOS base system installed on the 2GB flash drive, getting the second hard drive in it’s going to be a real pain:

  • you need additional hard disk bracket/caddy, and you have to buy that separately
  • you need custom combined sata data+power cable (custom in size: very short, custom in connector: the power connector has a weird shape)

Those two items are a bit hard to source and thus unreasonably expensive.

Given the cumulative price, I would advice getting some USFF (ultra-small form factor) regular pc from either Dell or Lenovo.


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